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Saving the planet, one ride at a time.

A greener planet is a healthier planet.

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Our Why?

The way people move is changing, but not fast enough.

Cities are suffocating as business districts become more congested, more polluted and less livable.


In 2016, the costs of congestion in Australia was $19 billion.  Without continued infrastructure investment in our cities, the cost of congestion could double, reaching $39.8 billion by 2031.*

According to the World Health Organisation, air pollution is directly responsible for an estimated 6.5 million deaths annually. 

The 21st-century human is arguably the most stressed out human that ever existed - constant city noise, traffic jams, road rage and poor air quality all contribute.

Our cities have been designed to prioritise vehicles, not people.  Many local governments are adopting city e-scooter schemes, which is a good start.

URBNRIDZ works with businesses to change commuter behavior, rewarding those who choose not to drive into cities.

*Infrastructure Australia
URBNRIDZ is a sustainable electric scooter wholesaler in Brisbane
URBNRIDZ is a sustainable electric scooter wholesaler in Brisbane


More people, more cars, more journeys.

The cost of road congestion is the most significant component of transport costs, impacting users and the economy of Australian cities.

While Melbourne and Sydney are unsurprisingly home to Australia’s most congested roads, other capital cities have also seen their road network performance worsen in the last five years, due to population growth and other changes in travel demand.

The result:  a $39 billion total annual cost to manage the problem by 2031, worsening air quality and the chance of more road traffic accidents.

The opportunity: reduce the amount of cars and bikes on roads.  Reward sustainable transport choices.

Air Pollution

The Damage Caused.

Australia has lagged in the adoption of transport technologies.  Electric cars and buses, for instance, have been most quickly adopted in markets where there have been incentives from governments trying to improve urban air quality.


For Australia, there is significant uncertainty about the rate of uptake. By 2025, between 6% and 36% of new fleet sales are estimated to be electric vehicles, depending on the level of government intervention.


A consequence of slower uptake is that some benefits of electric vehicles, not directly related to local air quality, but potentially more important for our cities, have yet to be realised. These include the potential advantages of electric vehicle propulsion systems for built-up city streets impacted by the noise of diesel trucks and buses.

It's important to note that whilst electric cars are beneficial, it's still a car which adds to congestion.  It's also terribly inefficient, weighing 23 times more than the person it carries.

The opportunity:  Government incentives designed to influence vehicle owners to choose sustainable transport options.

URBNRIDZ is a sustainable electric scooter wholesaler in Brisbane
URBNRIDZ is a sustainable electric scooter wholesaler in Brisbane

Changing the future of transportation means thinking differently.

Public transport is designed for 100% of the population however, the car is just far more convenient.  Add to that, housing affordability and we soon see families fleeing to the suburbs - often with limited public transport options.

Inner city mobility options are vast.  The real opportunity is to provide customers with mobility schemes which encourage citizens to choose eco-friendly transport, in favor of driving. 


Furthermore, government subsidies should be made available to businesses who operate eco-friendly transports in order to offer rewards and incentives to commuters who choose sustainable transport options. 

The result:  Less congestion.  Less road traffic accidents.  Less Air Pollution.  A greener planet!

URBNRIDZ is an electric scooter wholesaler in Brisbane

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