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Tourism accounts for 5% of global carbon emissions.

Tourism accounts for 5% of global carbon emissions. The biggest contributor to carbon emissions from the tourism sub-sector is transport which accounts for 75% of carbon emissions in this sector. Air travel is the main source of carbon emissions accounting for 40% of this 75%.

Fortunately, in Australia, we have progressive Hotel and Property owners willing to help make a difference.

Being a busy hotel can be challenging. A good bed, Wi-Fi and access to dining is the new normal.

Smart travellers now expect sustainable choices when they travel, with more the 65% opting to stay somewhere eco-friendly.

Today’s travellers want to relax and see the sights, but the problem is, many travellers waste a good part of their stay waiting for taxis', busses and ride sharing services to get around. Walking is always an option, but on a hot summer’s day, it can be challenging.

The good news, there is a better way – URBNRIDZ Private e-Scooter solutions for hotels.

With URBNRIDZ, hotels can provide scooters from their lobby, giving visitors a fun eco-friendly way to travel freely.

Conveniently located at hotels, guest don’t have the inconvenience or expense of taking a taxi, bus, or ride-share – just book a private scooter on the APP and GO.

Scooters ensure guest can make the most of their stay with an easy and fun way to see the sights.

Now guest can head to the beach, go for lunch, or visit the city sights with ease, often accessing places a car isn’t able to go - without working up a sweat!

With URBNRIDZ Scooters, hotel guests have a more enjoyable stay and hotels have a new source of revenue; whilst offering modern, eco-friendly amenities to guests.

Explore electric scooters by URBNRIDZ today!

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