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4 reasons you'll want to buy an S1-C PRO e-Scooter before anyone else.

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

The S1-C PRO arrives into Australia in June 2022 and it's expected to be extremely well built, feature packed and great value for money.

URBNRIDZ, the exclusive distributor of Kuickwheel products will be running a pre-sales campaign in May 2022 where eager early adopters and eco-conscious riders can purchase this e-Scooter, before anyone else, and be the very first to own and experience one before they land in to Australia.

We're really excited about this model and we want to tell you why but before we share 4 excellent reasons for you to buy one of these fantastic e-Scooters, we want to offer links to a couple of independent reviews; who offer great insights about their findings:

1. Mike Hyde from Electrik Revolution delivers a brilliant review from February 3rd 2021 here; and

2. JSyntax wrote reviewed the S1-C Pro on on November 16 2021 here.

URBNRIDZ has also put up a great video that breaks down the S1-C Pro features. Take a look here.

Okay, let us share with you the reasons we love this e-Scooter so much and the reason we respect our partnership with Kuickwheel.

Reason #1: Commercial build quality at a retail price

Until recently Kuickwheel mainly built ridesharing scooters, like those used by Lime, Beam and Neuron, not retail scooters.

Because of this, their core engineering expertise on build quality, safety and security has organically made its way into the S1-C PRO build. In short, you will get an e-Scooter built for commercial operations, for the the price of a retail e-Scooter.

We recently parked an S1-C PRO beside a rideshare model in Brisbane and we're proud to say, the S1-C PRO stood tall over the operator’s scooter - and we love that! Ride one and you'll see what we mean.

Reason #2: Safety

URBNRIDZ and Kuickwheel take safety very seriously and this shows in the features of the S1-C PRO. Two really great features, not often included in other brands are;

  • Dual Indicators - making sure you can signal your intent to people around you; and

  • Dual Brakes - the S1-C PRO has one brake lever which applies braking to both the front and rear brake (rear more than front to avoid riders going over the handlebars).

On top of those features, there is an easy to use bell and strong LED lighting on the front and rear of the scooter along with textured grips on the handlebars and a very well built quick folding steering mechanism.

Reason #3: Security

We understand that buying a scooter isn't a trivial exercise and when you do make up your mind, the last thing you want to happen is for your scooter to be stolen. It's okay, we have you covered.

The S1-C PRO comes with a Near Field Communication (NFC) security device which will immobilize your scooter when not in use. When you want to ride, simply tap and go.

We provide our riders two security cards for convenience and support should you lose them.

Reason #4: Price is just the beginning - we're not all born equal

Our team conducted some analysis, using publicly available information, of other scooters at the same price point including:

  1. Segway Ninebot G30 Max;

  2. Merchane wide wheel Pro;

  3. Dragon GTR; and

  4. Le Motion S1

We're really proud to say that the S1-C PRO punches well above its weight against similar scooters in the category. There are many similarities when you compare the weight of the scooters, the cost, the speeds and the tyre sizes however, the S1-C PRO came out on top in several areas including;

  • Charge time - a very fast 4-4.5hrs to full charge (including a convenient charging point)

  • Turning signals - only available on the S1-C PRO

  • Security card - only available on the S1-C PRO

  • Payload - at 120kgs, the S1-C PRO was only beaten by the Dragon GTR.

Over-all, we're exceptionally proud of how the S1-C PRO stood up against its competitors, which is why we think you're going to love it.

The Ultimate Sleeper

Make no mistake, when the S1-C PRO arrives in June it's going to be a favourite for Australian consumers who are looking for a well built, secure and, let's face it, fairly funky looking scooter.

It will be available in Black, White, Pink and Turquoise - colour options to suit all personalities.

If you don't want to wait, get ahead of the rest and join our pre-sales campaign where you can buy the S1-C PRO now, before it arrIves. Be one of the first to ride this flagship model. With a 7 day money back guarantee, you can purchase with confidence.

URBNRIDZ is passionate about sustainability and the health of the planet. We supply brilliant scooters to our customers but we do this to support our mission: to make cities more livable by reducing congestion and pollution caused by motor vehicles.

If you're an eco-conscious rider or a retailer that shares the same beliefs, please get in touch to see how we can support you.


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